Challenging Situations

Starting this blog is a reason for me to overcome something I have seen as a very challenging situation. For years I have been reluctant to be an active participant in any online community. From time to time I will post photos on Facebook or Instagram but I’ve never been one to share my thoughts online. However, as I have started my Master’s program in education, I’m quickly starting to understand the benefits of engaging with other teachers and sharing my own thoughts as a form of reflection.

In most of my classes I am always using the internet as a resource in one way or another. I’m always searching for new ideas and methods of teaching online or reading blogs about classroom management issues. This relationship with the internet has always been one way for me, just taking and using, never giving or sharing.

As I wish to further enrich my professional development, the importance of being an active member of a community has started to grow. The time has come for me to step out of my comfort zone, communicate my thoughts and ideas, and give thanks to those that have shared their own. This is certainly a challenging situation for me but one that I feel can easily be overcome with an open-mind, effort, and communication.

1 thought on “Challenging Situations

  1. Hi Lisa

    There are definitely benefits to actively participating in online communities and it can feel a bit intimidating when you first starting sharing online. But it does get easier!


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